Welcome and Congratulations!
Welcome and Congratulations!


Weaning means introducing you baby to foods other than milk. This is usually started around the 6 month mark and should be fun and stress free for both you and your baby.


Many people believe that babies are ready to wean when they start chewing their fists, opening and closing their mouths when watching others eat, waking up more at night or wanting more milk. These are normal developmental stages but are not queues to start weaning. Your baby will be ready when they can sit up comfortably, preferably in a high chair, and can pick up objects and put them in their mouths.


Initially weaning is all about introducing tastes and textures rather than calories consumed as the baby's main source of  calories will continue to be milk. Gradually the solid food consumption will increase and the milk intake will decrease.


The three main types of weaning are spoon, baby led and a mix of both. 


I offer consultations to discuss which type of weaning might suit you and your family  best, and how to start and progress with your chosen method. 


Remember weaning should be fun for all! 



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