Welcome and Congratulations!
Welcome and Congratulations!

What my clients say about me

'Melanie is professional, reliable, trustworthy, patient and calm and I found these to be key attributes at a time when I needed support. '  JE - 

'Melanie gave me the confidence to let go of all the circumstantial little things during the process and just focus on my body and labour. I cannot recommend her enough as a birth and postnatal doula.'  JK 

'Melanie helped me trust in my instincts and I had almost no fear about giving birth. Her support during my birth was amazing.'  DW 

'In all our meetings before, during and after birth Melanie did a great job balancing being professional and supportive. She was so lovely to have around and contributed to making this a really positive experience for us.'  CF 

'I honestly could not have coped without Melanie. She was a rock. She provided me with support on so many levels. She provided practical advice on caring for the baby and reassurance, she helped sort my breast feeding problems, helped advise on baby products and much more. She didnt just make sure the baby was cared for but made sure I was looking after myself and was ok both physically and mentally. Melanie has a heart of gold and a super sense of humour. I unreservedly recommend her.' LT 

'Melanie provided an invaluable service of support and help when I wasn't feeling confident and was still recovering (from the birth).'  HF 

'Melanie really was a god send and I could not recommend her enough. Melanie was completely approachable and fully understood the challenges of being a new mum.'  CE 

'I had a long labour however I felt the experience wasn't traumatising and all the credit for that goes to Melanie for keeping me calm and relaxed throughout the experience. I would definately recommend her to anyone expecting a baby!'  K&RP



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